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Finlandia Gardens

A Celebration of Finnish Gold

Finnish gold.
Golden memories of families and friends
blending together in remembrance and reminiscence.
Success in sustaining the cultural legacy of our loved ones. Unique customs and traditions collected in a location of dedication.
Fifty years of golden achievement with contrasts of difference. Sustaining and maintaining during loss and waning.
Building forward through trial and struggle toward cultural fulfillment.
Fifty years of Finnish attainment.
Fifty years of Finnish gold.

by David Hyry Sharpe

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Finlandia Gardens

Getting married?

wedding at Finlandia Gardens Have your wedding in the beautiful setting offered by the Finlandia Wedding Gardens. Your wedding photos will be memorable! Contact Landscape Coordinator David Sharpe at 248-477-5709 or email him at dcs37mgsc@earthlink.net for more information.


Finlandia Gardens

We are certified as an Urban Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and as a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.

Our Garden Associates include Master Gardeners as well as others with knowledge about Finlandia Gardens. All of our funding comes from the FCA, Garden Associates, visitors and friends.

We would be delighted to have you become a Garden Associate. We offer garden activities at all levels of ability and involvement. In addition, we have a woodshop and vegetable gardens available.

Finlandia Gardens

Finnish Center Garden Report
June 2022

By David Sharpe
FCA Landscape Coordinator

Finlandia Gardens is having a great spring. Sufficient rain has resulted in spectacular blooming. However it has also increased the growth of native plants creating garden fullness. The area at the rear of the property has been better organized with less clutter.

Garden assistance from Bruce Mikko, Susan Trescott, Julie Levine, Barbara DeLorme, and Chairperson, Roger Wanttaja, have kept the gardens looking presentable.

The cutting of our lawn and the weed whipping around our gardens is essential  for the proper  appearance of Finlandia Gardens.

Wildlife over or on the property include an Ohio Vulture, a Blue Heron, deer, a ground hog, Red Tail hawks, rabbits, chipmunks, Milo the cat, and numerous species of birds that fly and nest in our environment.

For a time we had a small pond at senior housing with numerous ducks but unfortunately, it was emptied. We wait with eager anticipation for the completion of the Senior Housing refurbishing.

Visitors are seen daily walking the property and that makes our garden efforts worthwhile.

Positive comments are heard about the effectiveness of our Little Free Libraries and it is gratifying to see how they continue to function without garden club assistance.

The more frequent use of our gardens by our members and their friends could prove to be enjoyable for all. Perhaps a board meeting outdoors could be arranged.

We hope an outside flea market will be held again this summer so we can move some of our garden and woodshop treasures on to new locations.

And finally, let’s remember that one can volunteer in the gardens for only a short period of time, doing something designed for one’s limitations, and it will warm the “cockles of my heart!”

For additional information you can contact David Sharpe at dcs37mgsc@earthlink.net or 248-977-1337. We hope you will stop by and give us a greeting.


Finlandia Gardens

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Finlandia Gardens
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Finlandia Gardens

Keep Michigan Beautiful President's Award

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